Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nose drama

Oh, bloody nose – not the drippy loose running pouring out kind, but the everyday high desert variety: crusty nostrils, maybe a little bit of phlegm and you spit, red mixed in with the yellow. Or, nose clogged and you blow red onto another towel, towels that you use to save the trees but also because they're softer, better run water over that bloody towel, time for more of the homeopathic nose ointment that's supposed to help but why does it contain so many preservatives?

You worry about those preservatives in your nose, every day but especially on the days when the humidity is 4%, 6%, maybe 8% and then you think about the rain again, driving through Las Vegas, New Mexico on the way home and it was incredible all that rain not the kind of rain that feels like it could stop any moment but just rain, cloudy pouring rain for hours driving through the desert actually, until the terrain changed into that red-earth sky-dwelling small tree Santa Fe approach and then the sky was dry again, a little bit of moisture still in the air but another crusty dried out bloody nose was certainly just around the corner, better than that loose runny kind certainly when it feels like mucus but suddenly it's a warm stream all over your sheets, none of that here and for that I am grateful.

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