Friday, August 05, 2011

Shielding me

After feldenkrais, I walk out into the world and think oh, I could live here if I felt like this – everything feels softer, dreamy, filtered – my body more aligned, mind open and calm, intimate, ready for intimacy. Looking out at the tremendous light of the mountains and light inside too, this walk an adventure.

That lasts for about 10 minutes, then I'm exhausted again, trying to get home. But I'll take minutes if that's what I can get, okay? In the morning, I wake up and it's cloudy, please can this last all day. Although I will admit that I'm getting used to one part of this summer thing – shorts and tank tops and sandals, even a soft cotton sweater feels constricting – why would I wear anything more, the wind on my skin, shoes and socks an annoyance except for once in a while, at night when it gets chilly. Remember: I didn't wear shorts for about 20 years, made the decision when I planned to move here that I would switch that at all around, throw down some shorts and tank tops and sandals and sun hats to deal with the heat and honey it does help, it does help. Now I'll just have to deal with the trauma of pants, scarves, coats and wool hats but no, I've always liked layers, I'll be ready then too, right? Definitely ready for cooler weather – by the time I get outside for my morning walk it's already ridiculously hot, even though I never make it very far I'm glad for this sun hat, shielding me.

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