Sunday, August 14, 2011

The sky, maybe the sky and those dry hills in the distance

Sometimes I wonder why I even go on a morning walk these days, I mean it just makes me more tired. Sitting inside in my brain I can feel like maybe something’s okay, but then I'm walking down the alley and I'm bored of this alley, nothing new to look at, so exhausting just to get to the end and then I think oh no, now I need to walk back down Don Cubero again, not that it's that hot today but I already miss the rain, yesterday’s rain where after it stopped it stayed cloudy for a few hours and that almost never happens. I went on a long walk, too long actually but I saw some cute cottontail rabbits eating the grass outside one of those government buildings, that was pretty exciting, gave me enough energy to walk to the Plaza to see what music was playing, because they have music in the evening outdoors during the summer but I guess it was canceled because of the rain.

Should I turn the other way and go down Don Diego? But Don Diego has all those cars, car exhaust. Oh, well – I guess I'll try it this time anyway, and right when I turn there's suddenly this amazing view of the sky, oh the sky I do like the sky and those dry hills to the north, and then I see the little street across Don Diego, yes, that's where I should go. And, a new alley that I've never walk down before! It's kind of ugly, but it's always interesting to look into people's yards from behind their back walls, right? Around the corner and back into familiar territory, the back road I take to the doctor's office, used to take to St. Vincent De Paul but I haven't gone there in a long time, don't need furniture anymore.

Okay I'm home. At least the bloating isn't so bad now – remember when it was getting better? Then I used a colon reflorestation kit, which is basically a little bottle of super-pure probiotics that you squeeze up your ass, sounded like a good idea. I mean it said that you might feel symptoms for a few days after, but now it's been eight days and I don't even know, I don't know when anything gets better, I mean really better, and now that I stopped for a moment to think about it I'm too tired to write anymore.


Claire Cramer said...

I'm sorry your day was like that. I hope this doesn't sound dippy, but you've inspired me to start a new blog, and reading what you've produced has given some energy to me...I just wish I could pour it back into your body. <3

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thanks, Claire – and, how exciting that you're starting a new blog, here's to more energy!

Love –