Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Closing in

Waking up, I step outside into the cool, fresh fall air, yes this is what I want I mean what I was looking for when I moved here. So then I feel like I have energy, maybe today, maybe today I have energy. Lying in bed before I got up, everything felt dark, but now there is light pouring in, light on this cloudy, cool fall day, maybe today.

But then there's a meal, a meal which looks and smells quite good, tastes good too. I think, but as soon as I have a few bites everything is over. There’s the dark back again, what happened to that energy? I'll go on a walk anyway, yes a walk that lasts longer than usual, that's a good sign, through the second part of the alley that almost feels like walking through the woods or maybe not the woods but everything is growing and I love it. Back at home for more food, oh no, my eyes closing in.


Wil Lake said...

Hope ya find the meal that is comepletely enjoyed. Ah the manuscipt for threw the razor wire from my Illegal imprisonment in NyC 2010 ...I gave to a woman and haen't seen it maybe I can get it to you by NOvember.
started bloggin' at salon.com

Willard lake 2002 in Virginia with ole friends.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Wil, enjoyed is one thing – I just don't want to feel horrible all the time, oh my…

Always lovely to hear from you, my dear…

Love –