Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's official – I'm in prepublication promotion mode for Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?!

The book comes out in February (Valentine's Day is the official launch in San Francisco), so I'm planning the book tour for the West now – let me know if you want to bring me to your town or university – here's a tentative schedule:

Mid-January: New Mexico
Late-January: Los Angeles/Southern California
February: San Francisco Bay Area
March: the Northwest

And, of course, if you want to review the book when it comes out, let me know so I can put you on the review copies list.

Here's the promo info:

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots?:
Flaming Challenges to Masculinity, Objectification, and the Desire to Conform
Edited by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
(AK Press, February 2012)

"These essays, alternately moving and sprightly, contemplative and outraged—display the power of presenting an alternative to the mainstream: a world of greater tolerance, acceptance, support, and creativity.”
Publishers Weekly

You may have thought you understood human nature before you read this book; after reading it you will be humbled by all you failed to grasp until now. America invented identity politics but here those identities have been multiplied and articulated as never before.
—Edmund White, author of A Boy’s Own Story

Gay culture has become the ultimate nightmare of consumerism, whether it's an endless quest for Absolut vodka, Diesel jeans, rainbow Hummers, pec implants, or Pottery Barn. As backrooms are shut down to make way for wedding vows, and gay sexual culture morphs into “straight-acting dudes hangin’ out,” what are the possibilities for a defiant faggotry that challenges the assimilationist norms of a corporate-cozy lifestyle?

"Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's coruscating eye and clear head is what queers need if we are to survive as anything other than a tamed branch of consumer society, based on assimilation, repression, and despair. These essays come like a plunge into a forest pool of revitalizing joy, honesty, and common sense. Read them. Now. No—not tomorrow. Now!"
—Samuel R. Delany, author of Times Square Red, Times Square Blue

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots challenges not just the violence of straight homophobia but the hypocrisy of mainstream gay norms that say the only way to stay safe is to act straight: get married, join the military, adopt kids! This anthology reinvokes the anger, flamboyance, and subversion once thriving in gay subcultures in order to create something dangerous and lovely: an exploration of the perils of assimilation; a call for accountability; a vision for change.

This book plumbs the most important question facing queers in the 21st century: how the hell did we go from forming a crucial part of the '60s “lib” rainbow, and from mastering, refining, and successfully deploying nonviolent resistance with ACT UP, only to end up creating for ourselves a world of martial and marital law every bit as sterile, constricting, and amoral as the world we once fled like the plague?
—Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men

These essays excavate masculinity, unearthing the complex and pervasive structures that police and construct it and exposing the beautiful resilience of its self-avowed refusers and failures. These pieces telescope between analysis of the structures of gendered racialization that produce body norms and the daily physical and emotional traumas and toils of surviving and resisting, providing complex and badly needed ways to imagine and reimagine faggotry.
—Dean Spade, author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law

Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots is a collection of essays that not only examine the intricacies of the current socio-political climate within the realm of the gay/queer/trans world, but also show how important it is for us to interface and aggressively seek to inform the world view of the culture at large. Thanks, Mattilda for the insights, intellectual rigor and the glittering ammunition with which to destroy and rebuild.
—Mx Justin Vivian Bond, singer, songwriter, and author of Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels

And, the first few events organized so far:

Valentine's Day 2012 – Tuesday, February 14
6 pm sharp
(come early for heart-shaped refreshments)
San Francisco Main Library
1100 Larkin St
San Francisco, CA
with Jaime Cortez, Tommi Avicolli Mecca, Debanuj DasGupta, Booh Edouardo, Eric Stanley, Harris Kornstein, your lovely host Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, and maybe even more tba

Olympia Timberland Library
Wednesday, March 7, 7:30 pm
313 8th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501
(360) 352-0595

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