Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today the air outside is incredibly fresh, so I have enough energy to walk down the second part of the alley, the part with more trees, and beautiful weeds growing everywhere. Last night I dreamed that I was swinging off bars and across uneasy boundaries in dance moves so fluid they became feeling and meaning and breathing and when I woke up, I thought yes, at least I'm dreaming of something that I can't do. I mean, I'm able to do it in the dream, and that’s dreaming, right? Then I'm watching the Democracy Now coverage from last night’s execution of Troy Davis. I didn't realize all the cheering when people thought that he had received a stay. It wasn't a stay but a reprieve, a reprieve that meant Clarence Thomas had a chance to approve the murder.

So incredible to watch Davis’s sister, Martina, struggling with cancer over the last 10 years and leading the fight to save his life. His life, which is now over. Supporters keep telling us that this murder will end the death penalty, and we can only hope.

Speaking of hope, so many leaders of the NAACP keep talking about God. Isn't it a secular organization? Maybe they changed the acronym to mean National Association for the Advancement of Christian People. But I can't believe Amy Goodman is hosting today's show, after her marathon coverage last night until midnight. Here she is in the studio again, struggling to keep back tears. One day these tears will build something, but I don't know when.


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