Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before I get back in bed

I wake up kind of excited, actually – when I pull off the eye mask to look at the clock, it's 9 am, which means that I actually slept through the night, more or less. Then I'm sitting outside in the chilly air, thinking how can I be this tired, really this tired? So, after I finish preparing my food, I get back in bed, but only for a few minutes, because then the bloating gets too intense. So then I'm up again, shoveling food down my throat, no wait, first I go on a walk, before eating anything actually, an experiment since it's still early and the walk is gorgeous, the air is so fresh except when another rotting car drives by poisoning the air with awful fumes and then here I am again, sitting down to write something, anything, but how many times can I write this, how exhausted I am, what does it accomplish, is there a point, before I get back in bed.

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