Friday, October 07, 2011

The getting-in part

There it all goes – energy. What I thought was energy: gone. In a half-hour, I have to walk a mile. To get to feldenkrais. I like this walk, because it means that I can walk a mile. But I don't like this walk when I’m this tired. What do I like when I’m this tired? Getting back in bed. Just the getting-in part, because once I get out of bed everything’s worse. Feldenkrais is better than bed: we've already established that. And so, I will walk.

Somehow the walk back didn't tire me out – that's how I know it was a really good session. And then it’s the next day, somehow I’m wired in the morning, filled with edgy and ideas, is this a turning point? Probably you already know the answer – I eat, and then it's over. Should I get back in bed?

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