Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And then it's gone

It's funny how often people in other cities ask me about the weather here – no matter how many times I tell them it's a four-season town, they still think I'm going to say it's 90 and sunny. Actually, winter here starts earlier and longer than many places on the East Coast, even though it's not usually quite as harsh. Winter was one of the reasons I moved here –I mean I've always hated the heat, but then when I found out it was a four-season town – snow in the winter – that's the first thing that got me excited.

Does anything here get me excited now? Even the air – it doesn't feel nearly as fresh as it was supposed to be. Allergies and wildfires in the summer; fireplace soot and car exhaust in the winter – every time I go outside for a walk it's like an obstacle course. Sure, there's the light just before sunset, but everywhere has that light – maybe it's not as gorgeous as here, but it's still gorgeous. Maybe I won't get that strange calm of looking up at the mountains, but that only lasts for a moment anyway and then it's gone.

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