Sunday, November 20, 2011

Directly on my skin

Ted from the vacuum store keeps calling to tell me that my vacuum is ready. I don't have a vacuum. Or, maybe his name is Bob, Todd, Rob – yes, I think Rob. Is this the beginning of a romance, a romance in Santa Fe? As unlikely as anything else.

Speaking of romance, did I tell you about my new file cabinets? Four drawers each, 26 1/2 inches deep – I'm so excited! I looked for a month for just the right ones, but didn't find them, so I bought these – at least they are 85% recycled material, and the best part is that I'll have space, space for more files instead of the three smaller cabinets. They were jammed so tight and so hard to open and close, now I have these smooth-rolling big ones. This is the kind of thing I do when I'm getting ready to move – I like to get everything more organized, so that when I arrive at the next place it will feel like I'm progressing. I have two months to get everything ready – I think that will be perfect.

Last night I was talking to Randy and he said how are you? I said I have a cold, but I'm not bad. He said that's pretty impressive – you have a cold, but you're not bad. And, I think he's right – I'm glad I have friends that are actually paying attention. I’ve decided that this would be the best time for a cold, anyway, since then I can get my immunity up before leaving – no colds on my travels, that's for sure. And, the thing about this cold is that I have tons of congestion and my voice sounds raspy, but otherwise I don't feel worse than usual. Maybe I'm even starting to feel better.

Oh, but you wanted to hear about the thallium. I talk to this person who my mother knows, some kind of doctor who mostly focused on research and I guess I supposedly know him too since he and his wife were the people that would have taken care of my sister and me if our parents had died when we were kids or something, but I think I only met the two of them once, at my bar mitzvah. I don't remember meeting them then either, but that’s what I’m guessing.

He is pretty informative, says thallium is something that people use to try to kill their spouses, since it has no odor, taste, or smell. He thinks I should try dialysis, which sounds completely crazy to me, but I listen, anyway. The other option, he thinks, is Prussian blue, a dye that somehow convinces your body to take potassium instead of thallium, and then you're okay except your stools are blue. That sounds scary too.

But wait, what was the helpful part? Oh, I know – we were brainstorming potential sources, and he was thinking maybe any supplement from Asia, Africa, since they haven't banned thallium like in the US, and I couldn't think of anything until I realized oh, what about the liniment I put on every day, several times a day – it's just four ingredients, all of them healthy, but it is manufactured in China where there are basically no standards. So, okay, another thing to cut out of my routine, just in case, since thallium is absorbed through the skin. And, I am kind of enjoying the new liniment that I got, it almost feels the same, actually, I'm glad that I looked at everything on the shelf, twice to find this one – Olba’s oil, years ago I used it for a bath and it kind of burned, but directly on my skin somehow it feels soothing.

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