Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For a moment

I remember when I was driving down from Denver with Robert, and he said one of the things he likes best about Albuquerque is that there are so many days when there are absolutely no clouds in the sky – that sounded kind of scary to me, I said I don't think we have those days in Santa Fe. That was in the midst of wildfire season, and the days when it looked cloudy but actually it was just poison – all the smoke would roll in just before sunset, choking everything.

The clouds I like are the big puffy juicy ones, almost like stuffed animals in the sky. But now that it's fall or winter almost, I see that we do have those days without clouds, or sometimes just a few stringy ones at the horizon and then the sky is a soft bright blue different from the kind of blue that I usually think of as sky-blue. It is pretty, but flat. Like a background that makes the leafless trees more developed, striking, startling almost.

But the strange thing is that today, on my walk, the air finally feels fresh: for some reason, everyone's chimneys aren't choking the sky. There's just that one car, pushing out endless exhaust, but otherwise, no hazards and yes, I can sense the air, this air that I came here for, giving me something, a clarity, a lightness, for a moment, at least.

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