Thursday, November 10, 2011

Oh, here I am in this place again

What is this place? My head. This place in my head. My head hurts. I want to form sentences. Sentences other than this one.

I've just come back from feldenkrais, my favorite place in the world. Or, two hours ago. Two hours ago I came back. My head. My head hurts. What is this stupid message from the doctor's office? Something about a test that I need to do, they want to make sure. They don't even know what they're talking about. I ask for answers, and they don't respond. Then they leave this message.

I wanted to tell you about the fall, I do love the fall. When you walk outside on the day after the first freeze and there are just piles of leaves everywhere – I never noticed that before. The snow on the mountains and the way green goes to white goes to yellow goes to brown. The softness of the light and my head hurts, why does my head hurt? Maybe soot from the fireplaces or my jaw. I guess it's time to lie down again, lie down for more feldenkrais, not the same here in my apartment, but still.

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