Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Today it's sunny out, and the wind is blowing the snow off the trees, the houses, the fauxdobe walls. It's beautiful to watch from inside, but a bit scary, considering it's 12 degrees out. Three hours from now I'll be waiting for the bus – hopefully it'll be a little bit warmer then, right? At least I got a new hat yesterday that covers my ears and makes me look like a Russian countess in her bedwear.

Oh, wow – it's really gusty out there, the wind blowing the snow into glitterfalls. I did sit outside a half hour ago in my shorts – but, don't worry: two sweatshirts, too wool sweaters, two scarves, mittens, and the new hat too. The air felt super-fresh and it was hard to open my eyes it was so bright. Back inside to put more coconut oil on my hands, that's the key to keep them safe in the dry cold – so glad I finally discovered it, I must put it on at least 30 times a day at this point, up my nose too to keep it from getting dry and bloody. It works, most of the time, although the tips of my toes are getting red and scaly, is that the dryness too or the cold I'm not sure although I just put on more foot cream too. Now my food’s ready and it's still early, maybe today will be the good day, as I like to say, but I really mean a good day, right? Wow, there goes more snow in big clumps, blowing off the house and the trees – even with the heat on inside I can feel the chill. And it's true, I do keep the windows open a little, just to keep things circulating.

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