Thursday, December 08, 2011

The corner

Here I am at the corner, waiting to cross the street, and some car that's about to turn honks at me like, hey, go already, and at first I think okay, but then I look over at the other side – a nonstop stream of traffic, I guess this driver wants me to walk into oncoming traffic. Listen, I want to say – I'm not a car, okay? Anyway, he goes ahead, and eventually I make my way across the ice and snow. I'm on my way to Whole Foods to get a copy of the The Reporter, so I can see what movies are playing – I thought it was warmer out than before, but actually it's freezing. I always think the air will be fresher at night, but it just feels like I've walked into a chimney. An icy chimney, I guess.

But, get this – The Reporter has decided not to list all the movies that are playing anymore, or I guess to list them without any descriptions at all. I know this is a national trend in weekly papers, and I don't understand it at all – don't they want more people to read the paper, rather than fewer? There are only four movie theaters in Santa Fe – is it really too much to describe all the movies that are playing? For some reason this gets me enraged, back at home, looking at the paper and finding nothing.

Or, wait – a feature review on Lars von Trier's latest misogyny spectacle. And, I guess I could see the movie about the Eameses – you know, to figure out why so many gay men fetishize the Eames chair. I could see Weekend for a fourth time, but do I really need to read another praising-yet-homophobic treatment? I mean, I just did. I don't have the energy to walk to the theater anyway.

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