Monday, December 05, 2011

Police action

I'm ready to go on my morning walk in the 18-degree snowy weather or really I guess morning just became early afternoon because I'm waiting for some kind of police action to end in front of my driveway – three police car SUVS blocking traffic in all directions, I've never seen those SUVs before, maybe they bring them out in the snow? And then an undercover in a gray compact car. I guess they're arresting someone in another gray compact car, or at least doing a lot of research and I guess I could go outside anyway, but I don't want to have any interaction with the cops.

But I do want to go out in the snow, although it does seem awfully cold. I decided to wear two hats, one that covers my ears but isn't that warm, and then the other one over that one, a new look. Well, I guess my neighbor across the street is outside scraping the snow off his car, maybe I'll try to go out too.

Well, I get just got dressed in all my layers, but then when I got to the door I realized all the SUVs were still there, blocking off the whole street I guess, so then I got a little nervous again. What are they waiting for? I guess they're looking up a bunch of things on their computers, checking in with headquarters, or something like that, but if this person is so dangerous then why are none of the cops outside standing by the car they are apprehending? Why is this police action in front of my house?

Oh, I think a car just got by, onto Don Diego. I want to go in the other direction. Oh, good, another car. I'm slightly worried that the person being apprehended will suddenly jump out of their car and shoot me right when I leave my house. Their windows are tinted, so I can't see inside. Of course, I'm sure it's much more likely that the cops would shoot me. Oh, wait – now I'm outside, and it turns out that it's nothing but cops – some in uniform, some undercover, hanging out on the break with their sirens on or something – or, not their sirens like noise, but the lights, flashing, at least they're gone when I get back.

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