Thursday, December 29, 2011

The sky outside my window

Before, there were words, and I was going to write them. Before there were words. There are words, but now I will write different ones, this headache. This exhaustion. I wrote exhaustion instead of the sea because the voice software wouldn’t type fatigue. The sea: the key.

Oh this is so annoying, even if poetic. The sound check failed – it always fails, for some reason, on this computer. Let's try it again: fatigue. The sea. The key.

Oh, that's much better, even if the sound check failed I mean I think it didn't really fail, for some reason it can't register success, or communicate it to me, all these difficulties. All these difficulties that started when there were words, and then there was just my head, trying to get those words back but remember I already gave up, focused on these other words. Focusing.

But, did I tell you about this guy outside my window – no, this guy. This guy. This guy. This guy. This guy. How do I get the computer to recognize the sky? Okay, it worked that time. The sky outside my window: violet a few moments ago.

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