Saturday, December 03, 2011

Snowy weather

I'm not exactly enjoying the cold is much as I did last year, but still it's exciting to walk out into the snowy weather – clears my head, actually. Now I just have to do something about this horrible bloating, but what is there to do? For a while it wasn't happening during the day, so at least I didn't have to feel it in the same way, but now. Now it's back to hating and hoping. Hoping it will go away, hating my body. Or, maybe not hating, but just feeling gross – oh, I have to eat more, but why? It'll just make me feel worse again, but still I need to eat.

Sweater number two – the one I put on before my coat when it's this cold out – sweater number two is making my next itch, ouch! Then there's that piece of food stuck in between those two teeth in the top right corner of my mouth were food always get stuck but right now it's hurting, is it hurting because the sweater is itching? Luckily, I get home and I could take the sweater off, grab some floss. Some things are easier to solve than others.

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