Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In LA, people apologize about the weather: sorry it's raining! But the rain rain rain, I love the rain, what could be better in LA? Especially on this cold day where I can wear my red wool coat, hat and two scarves, and walk outside on Hollywood Boulevard and the air actually feels kind of fresh -- there's no one on the street except a few people with umbrellas, it seems like so long ago when I could use an umbrella, I mean when it wouldn't hurt my hands too much -- 11 years I guess, but now I'm used to the hat strategy, and I wonder if Seattle will actually turn out well -- I'll have to get some more rain hats to go with these sun hat collection, maybe it will be fun.

Of course, eight or nine months of rain is different than a few hours, way way different, but still that freshness. Darker too, way up north in Seattle, I mean here at noon in the rain it's still kind of light, not as light as in Santa Fe I mean I don't need sunglasses. But way way lighter than Seattle, that's for sure, but still this freshness, way way fresher in Seattle of course I mean here the next day after two days of rain the air is already gross, clear to see things in the distance but nothing much to breathe. I guess the fresh air didn't work too well in Santa Fe, right? But what about the fresh air in Seattle?

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