Monday, January 16, 2012

Thank you again, Santa Fe!

What an incredible reading in Santa Fe last night – the store was packed, and such an amazing variety of people. Dana and I arrived right at 2 pm and the parking lot was filled so we had to go across the street, but that parking lot was filled too. When we went inside, everyone was sitting patiently waiting – I couldn't believe it, usually no one shows up on time to readings!

It was so great to the see my close friends in Santa Fe, a few friends from Albuquerque, some acquaintances, a few people from Occupy Santa Fe, a few people I'd seen around, a few from the Gay Men's Discussion Group, and then plenty of people I'd never seen before – the questions were great, and the discussion inspiring. And then, so many people came up to say hello, and bought books – I always like those one-on-one conversations too, and especially the anecdotes, like Sheridan who bought the book for her closeted ex-husband who didn't support his gay son. Or, Jerry, the person who started the Gay Men's Discussion Group, who bought a copy for himself, one for his lesbian daughter and her lover, and a third for his straight son.

So many more stories – and, such a beautiful store, the light streaming in during the day – everything felt supportive and intimate and explosive – thank you, Santa Fe!

And, I know that op cit only has a few copies of the book left at the moment, but they will definitely be getting in more soon so do support the store! And, I've heard that Collected Works ordered a few copies, so if you're in Santa Fe then that would be another place to go until op cit gets more in…


Sipowicz said...

Congratulations Mattilda so happy for you! And sad i missed it.
Have a great tour love!

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Thank you, my dear -- will you be able to come in the bay area? Hope to see you there!

Love --