Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Time to get ready

I wake up today with those little bumps on my hands, the ones I got from the dryness last year, that I've mostly avoided so far this year by slathering coconut oil and shea butter and an endless variety of salves on my hands. But then, suddenly, today, my hands are back to that place where anything I touch might injure me. Is the weather suddenly drier, or is this because of the homeopathic sulfur I took to help the bloating and the sores on my feet? I look up the humidity: 33%, that is a little lower than it has been recently, but not that low, right? Not like those horrible days of 8% or whatever.

Actually the air incredibly fresh – I don't know if I notice it more because it's been warmer out – in the 40s lately – so I can actually breathe deeply without my nose kind of freezing. Whatever it is, yes this is the air I came for – the air that hasn't done anything for me, I guess, unfortunately. But yes, it is amazingly fresh and soon I'm on the way to the doctor for a vitamin D shot and maybe some blood work, but why am I sweating so much in this chair? Two weeks, and I have to get everything packed – it's coming together, but now is the time when I start to feel frantic in my head I guess, will it all get done? What the hell am I doing? No, I know what I'm doing – I know I can't be here, that's for sure, I'm certainly not worried about that. Just the process, the process of getting away and then this book tour and then a move and then it looks like I'll be doing more traveling at the end of May and oh, I'm still waiting for that water test to come back, to see if that's where the thallium is coming from – first they said I didn't send enough water, then they lost the second sample, and I would say that it's northern New Mexico realness, but actually the lab is Illinois. Time to get ready for my walk to the doctor.

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