Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A pretty good day

As soon as my doctor's appointment is careful, I feel better. I mean: my sleep was so awful last night, it just seemed too overwhelming to go to a two-hour doctor’s appointment to talk about how awful I feel, trying to feel better. I scheduled the appointment a month or so ago and it was hard to get, supposedly the doctor will have more information about heavy metal toxicity, but hopefully I'll get that information another day.

Today I just want to rest. It's a good day for resting -- cloudy and cool, better without plans. Although, I called my new feldenkrais practitioner, just in case he was available, and he is -- now I just have to decide whether I want to go in. I guess I do. Maybe that will help the pain between my shoulders. I just did a breathing lesson, and that did calm me. I thought maybe I would go to that weird thrift store on the upper Polk, to see if they have some cute blouse/vest-type things to wear for my events. I realize that the ones I usually wear actually hurt my body because they squeeze too much and are too short really, then I hold everything up and it hurts so I guess I only have one special outfit with me that doesn't hurt, definitely need a few more. Okay, I'll go there first, then to get some produce down the street, and then to feldenkrais. That sounds like a pretty good day.

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