Sunday, February 05, 2012


After feldenkrais, I'm walking down Market Street and I notice the arches of my feet hurt -- I haven't felt that in a while, and I realize it's from walking on so much cement, asphalt, hard flat surfaces and I start to miss my walks down dirt alleys in Santa Fe. I guess that's one thing that helped -- this particular pain went away, used to hurt me especially whenever I walked downhill, happens a lot in San Francisco. And the air: it's disgusting. Even when I got to the top of Nob Hill, where I always felt the air was so fresh, yes it’s moist and blowing in from the bay, but still there’s that underlying smell of car exhaust -- I guess I'll have to get used to that again. It's not like the fresh air and Santa Fe helped me in any meaningful way, but my eyes did get used to looking at everything in a different way, softer, the sky a part of what’s down here.

I guess it is pretty here when I let my eyes roll over the sun onto buildings, oh there’s the blue sky and even the moon, the views of hills and the downtown skyline. Noe Valley, a neighborhood I've always hated because of its cultural hideousness -- affluent and trendy straight couples, babies everywhere, retired New Agers -- not a good combination. But it is beautiful -- all these neighborhoods are beautiful, but so gross in their varieties of class striving and that's why the Tenderloin was the neighborhood I liked the best. Still like the best, even if one thing I notice about San Francisco everywhere is the fashion consciousness -- aviator and wayfarer sunglasses everywhere, nerd chic, an endless variety of ‘70s and ‘80s tragedies. Preppy with facial hair in all different varieties -- just back from the mall; just back from Paris; just back from the sex club. That one at Whole Foods is pretty cute -- the kind of form-fitting khakis that probably cost $300, a blue button-down shirt fitting just right, another $300, trim facial hair, smooth hairstyle that emphasizes a softness. That's what I'm attracted to: the softness. At least in this case.

Nerd chic also comes in all different varieties: grade school with the big glasses and cobalt blue leggings; those square Gucci black glasses on the high preppy fashion types; the oversized ‘70s glasses on the fashionistas and everyone else really, trickle down trickle up it's all fashion -- interesting to study, and not interesting. But what about doorman nerd, pompous preppy nerd, punk nerd, serial killer nerd, nerd diva -- and, of course, old-school briefcase nerd!

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