Monday, February 13, 2012

The way the sand glistens

Randy and I drive to the beach for her birthday – ZipCar realness, okay? The most glamorous part is closed for construction so we park on the side of the road just past and oh, a beautiful sand staircase leading down the cliff to the ocean yes ocean rough today and pounding against the rocks and yes so much air finally air and the sand is moist on this moist day which makes it easier to walk on and one of those moments when you look up and how, how could we be in San Francisco really, with this cliff covered in red, yellow, green succulents and over there sage and other kinds of brush and then, second time to the beach after walking back up the cliff, time for bed is what I'm thinking but that happens so many times a day anyway and when is time for bed if bed doesn't provide what I'm looking for, rest, although it's getting better so let’s cross our fingers and hope for no more interrupted sleep.

A detour to the health food store in the Outer Sunset, Randy’s never been and I’m always in the mood for a health food store -- some cute collards, right? Randy gets tabouli that expires on 2-29, but she thinks maybe it was really 2-29-11, tasty. Back at the beach for a second go-around, a different beach not as pretty but still that same ocean and we walk all the way out to where the sand glistens and those big chunks of foam everywhere and the sun is setting but you can't see it because of the fog I love this fog even though my jaw always hurts when I go to the ocean in the cold, something about the moisture but still the way the sand glistens and I take a deep breath.

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