Sunday, February 26, 2012


Wait -- what happened to writing? I wanted to write first, but then I got caught up doing everything else on the computer, everything else that I need to do when really I need to write, but first I was exhausted and frantic, probably stopped breathing and now my whole face hurts and I feel like I should just go to sleep right now, but first I need to do a feldenkrais lesson to try and leave some of this pain behind.

Writing is hard when I'm traveling, harder still when I'm on a book tour and trying to keep everything flowing -- trying to figure out where the hell I'm staying, and keep in touch with all the publicity, keep it going, I mean it's all going well but so much ends up happening online, right? Online where everything hurts me, or not everything because I get excited by a new article, yes, a new idea for promotion, another insight from a review, yes many insightful reviews this time, how exciting and that keeps me going.

But then I'm back on the computer, what happened? I was just going to do one thing, do one thing and then take a break, but then I thought wait, I better do that thing, and then take a break, and then that thing, and then yes, I'm there in that place where I'm not breathing, just trying to get it all done, trying to get it all done when really I wanted to write. I wanted to write, and now I am writing.

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