Thursday, March 15, 2012

All that beauty

Oh, no -- I just did that thing where I got on the computer to write, and then I did everything except write. Now I need to take a nap. I got up needing to take a nap -- too late, or not too late if I felt better, but I felt worse. Not because I got up too late -- just from too much exhaustion. I know exhaustion is supposed to be what happens when you get too tired, which is also what happened.

Woke up and it just felt so dark, 11 am and dark already and I can't wait for my seasonal affective disorder lamp, to take it out of the box and put it on the kitchen counter in the place where I'm staying, or the place where I will be staying, after I take the train and arrive. My last train in a while, I can't wait -- can't wait for it to be done, that is.

Then I'll be back in Seattle, and won't need to move for three weeks. Of course, first I need to find my apartment. Looking at this gorgeous view in Vancouver, and thinking about what I need. More on that later, first I need a nap. I know that yesterday my nap made me feel worse, but still I need to try again, I mean that's the only option right now. I'll take a nap and when I get up hopefully the sun will be moving beneath the clouds and then I’ll rush outside if I have energy or stay and if I don't end either way I'll be ready to take in all that beauty.

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