Friday, March 16, 2012

Another time

Something about North-facing windows, that's what I wanted to write: even if there's a gorgeous view, there's not enough light. It just stays there, in the distance, no matter how much you hope it will come inside. South and West, that's what I need -- even though West gets awfully hot in summer and I might hate myself then, but really in the permanent darkness of the Northwest yes I think I need West-facing windows, at least some of them -- a living room facing West, right? I don't mind if my bedroom is dark.

West is also the direction of downtown and the mountains from Capitol Hill, that means the view that I want -- the light and the view and the space and the absence of mold, that's what I'm thinking about now as I get ready to get on the train back to Seattle, my last train for a while and honey I'm already glad. No more of that recycled air pummeling my sinuses, drying my skin, emptying me of the energy I need.

I have to say: whoever decided that all the buildings in the Northwest should be gray, or grayish, that person should suffer a terrible fate, if they haven't already. Color -- we need more color! Okay, now I better get ready to go -- it's amazing how long it takes each time, another time of getting ready, oh I'm just ready to rest, that's for sure.


davka said...

color- yes! all that grey. who decided this, indeed? who are they! puttin a hurtin on my vision.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yes -- let's change it all :)