Friday, March 02, 2012

The beautiful light in the room

I was going to tell you about all the beautiful light in the room, that's how I'm picturing it and I don't mean light in the literal way. I mean the intimacy of engagement, the excitement, the communal sense of possibility. Afterwards, yes I felt exhausted, but not drained like usual actually. Exhausted but calm -- the kind of fatigue that people talk about but I rarely feel -- oh, I'm tired, ready to relax.

And then I slept pretty well I think, 10 full hours and I woke up thinking yes, that was the kind of event that makes it all worth it, I feel kind of good today. I was going to write in the midst of that mood, that excitement, but then of course I crashed. I still feel calm, kind of, a few more hours before I leave for Portland and the air is so fresh here in Eugene, you open the door and your head clears; my head clears.

But now my head is cloudy, ready for bed again but no, not yet -- more packing and eating and getting on a bus, yes a bus because there are no trains at this time of day and it will only be two hours so hopefully, you know what I'm saying. Soon I hope to tell you more.

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