Monday, March 12, 2012

Not a good sign

I'm so glad I don't have to leave this place where I'm staying until 5 pm to catch the train to Vancouver -- makes my day so much more leisurely than I were leaving just a few hours earlier. Even though that also means I'll be getting in right around my bedtime, up too late but oh well. Somehow I can't seem to wake up today -- could it be the weather, darker than the last several days with sun breaks, remember sun breaks? That's right -- the sun peeks out from behind the clouds for a few minutes, and you rush outside.

I'm getting used to walking around in the morning and pretending it's a nice day -- I do like the cool moist air, refreshing. Although I'm getting worried about how I will prevent mold in my apartment, is it possible? It's hard to tell in these places when they've just been painted -- or, even worse, new carpet, yes the only thing worse than old carpet is new carpet, that's for sure. I guess I've already looked at 10 apartments or so, seems like a lot, and I'm realizing the most important thing might be getting a place with a view -- ideally the downtown skyline, and the mountains. I looked at one place with a downtown skyline view, one of those motel-style 1950s building that I never imagined I would even think of living in, but actually the ones that are well-kept are kind of nice. This one was okay -- fake-wood floors, but at least no carpet and a window in the bathroom, that's another essential -- you wouldn't believe how many apartments in Seattle don't have windows in the bathrooms, even in some of the old buildings that must have had windows there in the first place.

The cabinet under the sink in this place seemed a bit musty -- I figure if I even sense that there's a possibility of mold, I shouldn't go there, right? The landlord said there had never been any issues with mold in the building, but do they ever tell you the truth? Oh -- and, she scheduled seven people with the same appointment -- one of the people who arrived was angry and disgusted and made that clear before leaving. But then, the gross part -- this gay couple made sure to assure the landlord before they left that they had no idea why that woman got so upset. People's allegiances are so depressing.

Right when I walked in, the landlord looked at me like she hated me -- a whole different personality than on the phone, when she was super-friendly. But, by the end of my time looking at the place, when I was the only one left, asking questions about how to prevent mold, she seemed to warm up to me. She was showing me the fan in the bathroom, but it wouldn't turn on, and when it did turn on then suddenly all I could smell was mold -- not a good sign.


Claire Cramer said...

Hello! So sorry I have been absent from your blog. I hope you find the perfect place! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Claire, always lovely to hear from you -- and yes yes, I hope so too :)

Love --

davka said...

i love it that everything you experience is worth writing about- even apartment hunting, and you've included so much- people, history, layers of people and history, mold, moments. Allegiances and once were windows, I love it! I aspire to this kind of writing. I do, I do.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

"Allegiances and once were windows, I love it!"

I love that!

And, you...