Sunday, March 04, 2012

Obstacle course

Reminder: don't ever stay in the basement. I think this place was described as an above-ground basement, so I thought maybe it would be in the back not that dark, but it's not actually above-ground and honey, it's dark. Depressing, I have to admit, although this is a nice big table that I'm sitting at, comfortable chairs, I like that part.

The worst part is the laundry right next door, and walls that don't go all the way to the ceiling so the laundry smell ends up here in my head, surrounding me in bed, that's the sheets too and I already washed them once to get that smell away but it didn't work. Outside the air is fresh and cool and moist and I love it, except when a car drives by -- I don't remember being this sensitive to car exhaust before. Or, worse, barbecues on the street, fireplaces here and there -- not like Santa Fe, but just a moment of exposure and local voice gets scratchy. More things to remember to avoid in the apartment I find -- the view, I definitely need a view; not too close to too many cars; watch out for where the laundry fumes are blowing out. Clio says it's like an obstacle course -- true enough, my path through the world.

Those bags under my eyes -- I haven't seen that in a while -- oh, laundry detergent. Now I can smell it on this cashmere sweater I'm wearing -- from the person who had it before me, but I need to wear this sweater inside to keep warm, can't wash it until I have something else as inside clothing, I mean I already left it outside in the sun for who knows how long, back in Santa Fe, but here the smell is coming out, right under my nostrils I guess everything is aggravated from the laundry, oh the laundry and I just went on a walk but I want another one but first I need to eat, more. And then I might need to get back in bed. Hopefully not, but it's certainly a possibility. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Dear you gotta get away from that laundry business. Oh those smells just creep all over a person. I tried some Tide Free and Clear only to find out yesterday that there is some cancer causing chemical in it. I used it twice and my underarms broke out in all red. Had to wash all my whites again. Fabric softener is the worse stuff ever. Why do folks think that it smells so nice? Makes me clog up.Oh dear Mattilda they are trying to kill us I think. Hope you can get out of there real soon. I know what you mean and it isn't very nice.

Love to you and better health


mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

I know -- they are trying to kill us, I'm certain of it! Thank you for the understanding, my dear...

Love --