Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spotless and sparkling

There's no question about it: I love Volunteer Park! So much fresh air, so many gorgeous trees sculpted towards the sky. Peek around the corner and yes, on days of high clouds or sun, yes, those thick snow covered mountains, oh my.

I don't think I'm going to like the people in Volunteer Park as much of the park. Only a few people today -- someone with a baby carriage and the dog, saying do you want to run down the hill, do you want to run down the hill? Which one is he talking to?

A straight couple exercising on the stage. A few older white wealthy couples. When it gets warmer, all of the straight couples will be out -- straight couples picnicking, straight couples with kids, straight couples drinking, straight couples -- but why think about that now, let's think about this gorgeous day with the clear air and then I decide to take 13th Avenue on the way back and who knew that it winded around like this, crazy old houses and newer mansions and older mansions and a few ugly ‘60s buildings, there will always be a few of those everywhere in Seattle, even if many have been torn down for new condos and it's not a loss except for the loss of character, even if character just meant ugliness and a lack of pretension.

Some of these old mansions are being torn down for new condos too, which seems awfully strange, but wait, I wanted to tell you about this grand old apartment building on 13th right when the curves end, it's the three-story portico at the front that really makes the building, red brick and cracking old tiles in the entryway when you peek in -- it's called the Maryland, built in 1910 I think it says and then I'm walking down the hill a little bit too steep for my body but yes, those mountains, spotless and sparkling, at least from the distance.

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