Saturday, March 03, 2012

Travel, aftermath

Today is a day of travel aftermath. I felt kind of okay on my before-eating walk, outside without contact lenses, trying to get that sun in my eyes, right? Strategizing for the Northwest already and in Eugene I thought yes, this is going to work, this Northwest thing, but now I'm in a basement apartment in Portland and things don't seem so bright.

Of course, I won't be living in a basement apartment, I know that, especially one connected to the laundry room and all those toxic fumes, but that's where I am now, staring at the computer screen or no, letting my eyes drift but there's not much to look at, I need to look at outside, from inside I mean, so I better go outside soon I guess but I'm so exhausted.

That's okay -- today is my day to rest, right? Recover from yesterday's bus that didn't seem that awful except when they turned the heat on, but then they turned the heat on, right? And now my voice is a mess -- although I want to go on another walk, I don't think I have enough energy for another walk, yet.

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