Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm looking forward to

Oh, my -- what has happened to my sleep? I keep getting wired so wired in the middle of the night -- so awful and familiar, the next day I'm just struggling to do anything. Today I signed a lease -- that's exciting, right? But then, I'm so tired that I can hardly get excited.

A beautiful place -- gorgeous hardwood floors, a spacious living room, a bedroom with enough room for a bed and a dresser, beautiful light, a 1920s building I think, with the original paned windows, overlooking a street with a lot of trees. I didn't get everything I wanted -- the kitchen is small, with an electric stove; the bathroom doesn't have a window, only the original vent allegedly going up to the roof; no laundry in the unit, which I knew I wasn't going to get, but still I wake up every night with someone else's laundry detergent in my head thinking I wish. But, no sign of mold -- at least as far as I can tell -- and, a great location, not in the original location I thought I wanted but actually a location I like better. Not close enough to the co-op, but in a part of Capitol Hill that feels more energetic, better air actually unless you're on the thoroughfares or some horrible pollution machine drive by but I guess that's the way it is everywhere on Capitol Hill, seems that way to me. Radiator heat which I hate because it dries me out too much but I can turn it off, and those poles in the kitchen and bathroom that don't turn off -- those I really hate, have always avoided, but now I'm thinking that actually mold usually starts in the bathroom or kitchen, and maybe those poles will help to keep those areas dry. Not the kind of view I wanted, but it does seem soothing, open, elegant -- nowhere to sit outside, unfortunately.

And actually, this was the only place I looked at where I thought yes, I could live here, I think it would be great -- and so, yes, I'm excited. They even told me they might paint in pastel colors of my choosing, since they haven't painted the unit yet. Someone's still living there and I won't be moving in for a little while, which sounds nice too because I like my temporary apartment and I'll get some time to rest, a few more events but rest too yes rest I hope for rest.

But did I tell you about the sun today? The Sun the sun the sun! Not just high clouds or sun breaks but really really really sun oh it was lovely, sparkling, everything growing and I love everything growing, then when you get to the top of the hill you can see the mountains really the mountains right down there and oh. Spring indeed, who knows how long it will last but I love my walks around Capitol Hill, just looking at the ferns and moss and flowers here and there, tree roots pushing through sidewalks, a new park in progress, all of the real estate development, condos for sale everywhere, the clashing styles of architecture, grass I can walk on when it's not so soggy it feels like a sponge. Just walking slowly and taking everything in, this is what I'm looking forward to.

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