Monday, March 05, 2012

What it all means

Oh, the basement -- I don't really want to write about the basement because it's temporary, right, temporary -- tomorrow afternoon I leave the basement this is a good reminder to never stay in one again, right, never again. This is a cheery basement as far as basements go -- bright lighting and a nice big dining room table with comfortable chairs where I'm sitting now -- but, still I feel like I'm underground I mean I am underground but my head, can't wake up, went on a walk in the rain and that was refreshing but now I'm back here, in the basement, reminding myself how much I will need a view from my apartment in the Pacific Northwest, certainly a view and tons of windows and light please light.

But I wanted to write about energy in the room at my last event, that energy of excitement and intimacy, love even, lessons and struggles together and I helped to create that energy, facilitate it, keep it flowing and that's the excitement that I want. More to think about: how to keep it going, building my energy and not draining me. I liked when someone came up and said: each of your books have come at just the right time for me. And, the question about what would make a sex space more vibrant, filled with possibility instead of walls, that's my phrasing and then thinking about that more too because people keep asking: we don't have those spaces really, or when we do have them they are usually still fraught with everything they are trying to resist. All these histories in one room and maybe we are together, in a certain way, or that hour or two of the event, and that's what I'm wondering about also: these histories, this together, and what it all means.

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