Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How that works

Today it's cloudy after those gorgeous sunny days – the clouds are pretty too, and the air is so fresh, but now I'm fading already. I guess that's better than yesterday or the day before, right? Before I was fading right when I got up. Or, wait – maybe that was what happened today. Today I get the wax taken out of my ears, I hope that helps with my headaches, allergies, jaw tension. What else did I want to write? Now I can't remember. Maybe something about the smoking festival that happens every day across the street, outside the assisted living facility, mostly at certain times in the morning and it's not as bad as the people who smoke outside the door to this building, maybe they should go across the street and join that festivity, or go anywhere except below my windows, why does it have to be below my windows? There's a cute little park right next door, no windows on that wall of the building, but you know how smokers are. Once I was a smoker too, but that was a long time ago, 17 years I guess. Now I'm ready to get back in bed, but I have to leave for the ear doctor in an hour and a half. I thought maybe today was the day when I would feel better, but you know how that works.

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