Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm reading the Seattle Gay News -- what a nightmare! It's pretty much all ads, including the articles about marriage, and the ones about straight entertainers who are so LGBT-friendly -- and, speaking of LGBT-friendly, the Seattle Gay News does this thing where they put little banner ads at the bottom of a full-page ad, advertising something else -- I don't know how that works exactly, I guess more money for them but it's kind of distracting -- I'm trying to focus on the ad, okay? I mean the other ad.

But, anyway, one of these banner ads tells me that "The Seattle Gay News is proud to support LGBT owned and operated businesses, and those that are LGBT friendly. We hope you do too. Shop our advertisers and support our community." Really -- what kind of business in Seattle, in this day and age, doesn't support gay I mean LGBT dollars? The Seattle Gay News definitely makes me feel LGBT-unfriendly. Maybe that should be a new catchphrase or at least the name of something delicious and defiant -- LGBT-unfriendly -- should the “u” be capitalized? LGBT-Unfriendly. Maybe if it's the name of a group.

Speaking of language, can I tell you how much I hate the word "ally?" Do we need to constantly create vapid, unthreatening new terms that mean absolutely nothing? Makes me think of a story someone was telling me about a woman who complained about the posters for my Why Are Faggots So Afraid of Faggots talk at the University of Washington, and identified herself as an ally. Hi, I'm an ally, and I'm very offended by that word "faggot" on the poster -- I would never use that word to describe anyone in my life. In fact, it offends my dignity to see that word posted anywhere in my breathing space. Can you please take it down -- I'm an ally, can you please take it down! Listen: I'm an ally, and I'm offended!

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