Friday, April 13, 2012

Like a windup toy that sounds like a bird

It's hard to imagine anything more beautiful than spring in Seattle -- every day you step outside, and something new is blooming -- those tulips were barely there yesterday, all those tiny white flowers in the grass, where did they come from? Spring on the East Coast only lasts for a few days and then it’s summer already. In New Mexico spring brings all that wind and dust, and in San Francisco it takes about five years before you even notice spring. In Seattle it's winter in the morning, then spring, then winter again, then five more days of rain and a hint of sun and the air is so fresh it tantalizes. Some people would say summer in Seattle is the best, I mean I'm sure most people would say that but even in Seattle it gets too hot for me in the summer, and the air gets stale and humid and smoggy. Here in the spring when the rain is just around the corner from the rain I mean the sun is just around the corner from the rain the sun the rain the air and oh the chirping birds you know how I loved those chirping birds in New Mexico and they are here too those birds I mean I guess different birds no some of the same birds like crows and some different ones like the one that suddenly starts doing some crazy thing like a windup toy that sounds like a bird, in the distance, above the trees and what was that. Yes there are a lot of planes too but we will ignore those planes and think about the birds.

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