Friday, May 25, 2012


Good thing I didn't make any pronouncements, right? Oh, what a horrible day! I don't even know what to say. There was so much more to say. Maybe if I listen to the birds chirping, after this strange thunderstorm that just blew by. No, they aren't telling me what to say. What about the sound of cars driving by – or no, that must've been a motorcycle. It's pretty quiet here, considering him right in the middle of the city – here comes another plane. Yes I still wish I could be a few floors higher, not for noise but to get away from the smoke. Although I do like seeing so much detail in the people who walk by, whatever that means.

Okay, that's the sound of a car going uphill. See, not many cars come by on this street. Here goes the birds again. There’s a car door closing, a bike going by, people talking in the distance, people walking by with a case of beer, another car, on the other street, yes the birds are still chirping and here's a queen in a leather hoodie, I kid you not, to match her ankle boots. Some guy with a part in his hair and the pompadour or no not a pompadour but just a bit of a slicking-back – those parts are getting very popular right now, high-fashion ‘80s preppy. Another smoker, this one walking downhill. I get to see all these people, because they're coming from QFC, mostly, or walking up to Broadway. I get to speculate about which ones are gay, I get to watch the twins look in all these gay couples. I get to watch the building manager across the street, a middle-aged bear type, work on the garden obsessively, act friendly towards everyone who walks by, and then make sure to ignore me, unless I'm inside and his dog looks up.

It's humid now: we need another thunderstorm. Or, I need to go on a walk. Most importantly, this bloating needs to stop, but I'm worried that I need to eat more, first. I almost forgot to mention that I’ve banned myself from internet cruising until at least September – that's the most exciting thing to report.

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