Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Prancing at the revolution" – a lovely interview in the San Francisco Bay Guardian!!

Here's how it starts:
"Right now it seems we have more in common with the Christian Right than the gay liberation movement. We've become so focused on marriage as the end-all and be-all of gay rights that it's completely within the realm of possibility that the next leader of Focus on the Family could be a gay man. We all have to get married now for tax breaks, health care, or to stay in this country? Are you kidding me?" Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein spilled some truth into my hot pink Princess phone. "I don't know how we got to this position where we're either agitating for more tax breaks for the rich via marriage, or we're treating people like disposable objects on hookup sites because they don't conform to certain standards. It's really sickening. How does any of this further any agenda at all besides becoming what we're supposed to be fighting against? I don't get it."

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