Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So fast

What is going on? My head is racing, should I let it race? Is it this incredibly gorgeous sunny day, or is it because I’ve started brainstorming about the cover for The End of San Francisco – the cover, and the prepublication blurbs, oh my – yes, that's why my head is racing. And, my mother is visiting – a different kind of racing. I said that, and then suddenly the weather started feeling overwhelming, like maybe it will be too warm?

It's gorgeous, but the weather always changes when my mother arrives. Yesterday we watched the sunset over Elliott Bay and that was calming. Mostly we do errands -- she helps with things, and I appreciate that. Of course there’s everything else in our relationship, but I was trying to prevent this headache from coming on. Wait, I didn't realize there was a headache coming on, until I started writing about my mother.

More racing: my essay on the new biography of David Wojnarowicz, I think it's done! More on that soon, I better go, before this headache. Oh.

Oh. This headache. What was I saying about racing? What was I saying? Everything falls away so fast.


kayti said...

So many projects all at once. I hope they let you have a lot of input on the cover their so much more beautiful whe u do.

mattilda bernstein sycamore said...

Yay -- thank you, Kayti!!!

Love –