Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Without dread of the consequences

And then I wake up sort of feeling okay. Or, my jaw and shoulders ache a bit, lower back clenched, bloating kind of stuck but I guess it's that place in my head, that's where I sort of feel okay. Not the usual how will I do anything, but: what will I be able to do? I just called the dentist, because a part of one of my teeth seems to have cracked off – and, I need to see a new dentist anyway, and can you believe there’s a holistic one just down the street, I found it on one of my walks. Several of my walks, and now I just called.

I don't know if I really have energy, but I'll just savor this place of clarity, for a moment. It may all fade away as soon as I eat my first meal. One day maybe I'll be able to look forward to eating, without dread of the consequences.

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