Sunday, July 01, 2012

Before you hurt me more

What is going on with my neck? Yesterday I went to the park with Meghan to lie in the grass and pretend it was sunny, usually that's the most relaxing thing in the world but somehow it triggered my neck pain again, now it seems like everything triggers my neck pain like it's not quite on right, sleep especially and speaking of sleep, when I went to the dentist and they did that test where they measure your blood oxygen, a little clip on one fingertip, 100%, the dental assistant said you must sleep really well.

Really? Yes, because that's the only way to get 100% blood oxygen. The only way?

And then, of course, they wanted to give me four crowns at once, for a total of $6000 – even though they do have bottled water in the waiting room, I think I have to get a second opinion, oh my. Is that when my neck started hurting? After the dentist. When he was pressing all these spots in my mouth to see if they hurt from jaw tension – of course they hurt, I could've told you that before you hurt me more.

Now I'm too tired again – I want to go back to the park and lie in the not-sun, except it's probably too muddy without Meghan’s magical Northwest picnic blanket – plastic on the bottom, soft on the top. I guess I'll just lie down on this stretching mat, and see what happens.

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