Sunday, July 15, 2012

Even in Seattle

I wake up in that place between too early and too late, but which one should I check the clock I mean usually I try not to but it's tricky with these things because sometimes then I think so much about whether it might be too late that I can't fall asleep and then if I look I'm reassured because I know about how much time it is before or after I usually wake up, this time it's 8:10 am, a little early, but then the amazing part is I fall right into a hilarious dream where the guy who used to lead all of the bullying on the second grade playground or actually not just the playground but everywhere he would taunt me faggot sissy girl but here he is I mean here we are years later running into one another and in the dream I realized how funny and appropriate it is that there’s this sexual tension, I mean he's still the same jock preppy asshole but now he's gay and then grinding on top of me until he comes, sooner than he expected and then he says okay, it's done, gets ready to go but I say Jarrett, and I grab his face and start kissing him all over, Jarrett I thought you were going to stay so we can make out a while.

What a hilarious dream – I wake up in such a good mood and oh my, Seattle realness today I mean the cool chilly air and gray sky and I might be made for Seattle because I can't help thinking that I love this weather, the air is so fresh, and there is the guy across the street watering the juniper again and I wonder if there's some strategy about watering a desert plant just before a rain storm, so that it gets more moisture in a town where it's always raining or maybe he thinks it's like grass because where on earth is grass supposed to grow, right? You'd think this would be the town for it and sure enough all around it's green as a guess, but then we get three or four days of sun and there are places where the grass turns totally brown and then I realized oh, in the parks and yards and sidewalks people are watering that shit and it seems suddenly so unjust. Don't get me wrong – I like lying on that fresh grass as long as they haven't just mowed it again for the 150th time, but still, in a town where there's so much moisture couldn't we just let what supposed to grow, grow. But now I'm getting depressed – I just opened the window again, so let me get back to all this fresh air, yes, it clears my head, and I know I have plan to go to the beach today and it doesn't quite look like that's going to happen but still it's summer so I know it will be sunny soon, even in Seattle.

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