Thursday, July 12, 2012

The frontal part

Class shade, that's what I was trying to write about – there's a lot of class shade in Seattle, that's for sure. Different than in other places, because Seattle is so so middle class overall – so you'll have someone who looks completely counterculture, but then sounds like the grossest mainstream consumer branded gay man. I know that happens everywhere now, but it happens even more here. I guess I’ve switched to talking about class shade in gay Seattle – just there, you saw the shift. But it's everywhere.

So that's what I was thinking about in terms of walking around shirtless – you know, is considered fine if it's in the park, but a block or two from the park – well, honey, that might be tacky. And so, if deciding not to go shirtless is about not wanting to seem tacky to these tacky middle class automatons, then why, I ask, why?

There was more I wanted to say, but then there's the headache – I was about to say the headache in my head, but you know that's where headaches usually take place, can you feel it? The headache in my head, oh no – the closing off of that frontal part above eyes in forehead, that part where the thinking takes place, or at least the translation from thinking the words on the page which is a computer screen, the closing off of that possibility to respond to what people are asking me today, to respond and dream and scheme, but no, right now I need to lie down.

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