Tuesday, July 03, 2012

More clarity in my head

It's always hit or miss when checking out a new healthcare modality, especially one called BodyTalk, but here's the thing – maybe it was helpful. I did get an insight about the intestinal bloating – that the timeframe I usually give for it, three years or so, that means it got so intense right around when Chris stopped talking to me and how we store these things in our bodies and at first that made it all more overwhelming but maybe somehow more manageable too. But the overall effect was calming – I left with more clarity in my head, subtle like I noticed the wind and the sky and the air more, wanting to walk down to Lake Union because it was only a few blocks away but then I thought no, I'll get too tired, so I started walking up the hill, across the highway, and it started to rain I love the rain I don't care how many people complain about it I'm just so grateful that we aren't having one of those heat waves. And then just as I was approaching the bus stop, the bus actually pulled up, can you believe it? Not even enough time to get so exhausted that I couldn't function, I mean of course that happened once I got home, but still something subtle about the appointment felt grounding, and there's a technique I can use to integrate heart and mind – seems like a good thing, right? I did sleep better, although not enough, and the bloating was awful when I got up.

Now I'm meeting someone for tea because I like to respond to people who reach out to me, in this case someone I met in my reading and then sometimes I pass by his house on the way to feldenkrais and he’s working on the garden. Although I'm already feeling too tired. Not that I'm going to drink tea since it will probably make the bloating worse, but we will sit and chat and hopefully it will be fun and not too draining and when I got home I will work on The End of San Francisco some more.

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