Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Honey, I will admit that I used to think there was nothing more tacky than some male-socialized person walking around without a shirt on – hello, masculine privilege! But now I go on my morning walk on the way to the park shirtless – and oh, the feeling of the wind on my skin, it makes me feel light and aware. Childlike, sometimes, laughing – I need those moments.

In a better world, on warm days I would just walk around naked, which is what everyone should have the option to do, but unfortunately this isn't that world. So, for now, I'm one of those tacky girls walking around without a shirt on. I encourage everyone who wants to to do the same – truth be told, it's not officially illegal in Seattle for anyone to go around shirtless, or even nude, unless there's an intent for public disturbance, whatever that means. Not that that means the same possibility exists for people of all genders and body types, but I am aware that if I decide to wear a shirt when I don't really want to, that's not really doing anything to liberate gender possibilities for everyone else, is it?

People do all sorts of wacky things in Seattle when the sun comes out – oh, right, I'm also one of those girls who takes off my shorts so I can sit in the sun in my boxers – why provoke jock itch more than necessary? Why put a shirt on when I’m just going to take it off? I need to get my vitamin D while I can.

Sure, I try to take the most residential route, so that I don't run into too many people – but, the ones who give me shade are just going to give me shade for something else – if it's not my tanning tatas it'll be my purple hat or my pink belt or the way I walk or whatever. So, for now, I'm walking shirtless whenever I can, and loving it.

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