Friday, July 13, 2012

So much fun, this downpour, from inside

The sky is grumbling, rumbling and this woman walking her dogs looks up like what but I'm loving it already and then yes that sounded something on the roof, windows, concrete, asphalt, cars, trees, louder than what you expect, looking outside I see the hail pounding down and the sky still making all those sounds and then rain but not like the usual rain in Seattle soft and spaced apart this is diagonal and pounding and my favorite part is that I don't see an umbrella in sight, people are walking on like oh, this is different, more thunder and then it stops, wait, lightning even and then wow, that pounding of the sky almost like Santa Fe even though I know you're thinking the East Coast but luckily I haven't heard that on the East Coast in over a decade, no summers on the East Coast for me ever again, okay?
BR>But where's the rain – I want more, it must be coming, right, with all this rumbling and a cool breeze blowing into my apartment so fresh I'm thinking about the fresh air I mean when it gets to actual summer around here I do feel that celebration like nowhere else but the air isn't as fresh, that's for sure, that stopped feeling in my head so we need some rain to wash it out, yet here it comes again, now it's not even diagonal just slamming straight down to the ground and even blowing a little on my legs while I sit at the computer but that's okay, I can wipe windowsills off when it stops, I mean I do need to go out and had to feldenkrais in an hour and a half so yes I do hope the downpour ends before then but for now it's so much fun to hear and see an even feel it, from inside.
BR>But wait – now it's pouring down so hard I almost feel like I've never seen anything like it – I mean I'm sure I have but maybe I just have a really good view, windows on two sides and thunder coming in from all directions, different lighting if I turn different ways and listen, listen to it all, there it goes, calmer now and I feel calm too.

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