Thursday, July 05, 2012

So much pressure

Summer has arrived in Seattle, or at least that's how it seems – a gorgeous 70 degrees, clear blue sky, low humidity. Although it's funny – the humidity is actually 40%, which in Santa Fe would be incredibly moist. Here it feels incredibly dry – hopefully I'll never have to deal with that desert drama again.

The problem is, when it gets sunny here there's so much pressure. I already went to the park earlier to lie in the sun, just for a short time I guess, worrying that I was getting burnt and anyway it was my morning walk when I have to get back soon to eat, but I could have stayed there longer, just that I was worrying about it being so close to noon and all that. But now I feel like I should be there again, what am I doing inside?

Except that I feel awful: I need to lie down before I decide whether to go back outside, and lie down, right? My feldenkrais lesson is waiting. Let's see what happens.

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