Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Talkin' 'bout a revolution

But did I tell you about the Daughters of the American Revolution? Yes yes, the Daughters of the American Revolution have a lovely mansion just around the corner from me – apparently it’s a smaller-scale replica of Monticello, how revolutionary! I don't know what it started out, but now I think it's a place to rent for special I do mean special events.

And yes, speaking of revolution, the other night I walked by that square, white-columned mansion as a party was going on. It was the permanently-in-prep school set -- straight, white, 30-something, guys with blue oxfords and striped ties, women in pink dresses. In the driveway, a guy in a suit was dirty dancing with a woman in a floral gown. Maybe there was karaoke going on? But no – I looked upstairs to see a full band, at least three guys in white dress shirts and black slacks, singing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” while the post-frat crowd jumped up and down. Revolution, indeed.

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