Monday, July 23, 2012

What we do in Seattle

Seattle realness, honey: I'm telling Randy there this summer has finally arrived, those gorgeous days when you think the sun will never end. But then it does. Four days later. I think we've only had one sunny day since then, except for when the sun peers out of the clouds before dusk, like yesterday when I rushed out to the park and took off my clothes and felt it, really felt it, oh how I love those moments and I guess without Seattle realness I wouldn't have those moments, right?

It's funny, because when we had those four or five days of sun in a row I started to get worried that it would be too hot for me, because you know how I am with the heat, right? That's why Seattle is a good place for me, at least in terms of the weather. I mean, that's what I say now, in the middle of the summer. We'll see what I say in February.

But now – I have all of the tactics ready. Starting with a walk at the beginning of the day – it may seem depressing from inside, but then you go out and yes, that fresh air, it’s back with the clouds, especially when the humidity drops and it's chilly again, cold even. Stay out for an hour or more, this is the time of day when it's light even if it's dark. And then, whenever it starts to get a little sunny, rush outside, take off your clothes as soon as possible. Doesn't matter who's looking – this is Seattle, this is what we do in Seattle.

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