Wednesday, August 08, 2012

A family picture

I throw my coat-dress back on the bed, and we take my disposable camera and rush upstairs and start knocking on Chris Marshall's door. Bobby's the one who comes to the door: What is it?

A family picture, Abby says, and Bobby says just a minute. Abby and I look at each other: really? And then I go down the hall to knock on Billy’s door, and Abby heads for Siobhan’s, and pretty soon we’re all in Abby's room. Siobhan and Billy are rubbing their eyes and lighting cigarettes but Chris is already ready to pose with his shirt off, modeling that tanning salon chest, and how does his hair always stay in place? He must have put some mousse in. Bobby’s wearing one of Chris’s BUM Equipment sweatshirts with plaid pajama bottoms and a baseball cap, does it really say JOCKS? They really do look married.

Siobhan’s girlfriend is there, and she looks angry –maybe she can take the picture? No, wait — Sean, where were you? Okay, now Siobhan and Rachel look angry, Billy looks stunned, Abby's got her sunglasses on now, and my eyes are rolling back. Then it's done: Abby and I are alone again.

What time is it? 3 am. Did that really happen? I think so. Should we go to the Loft? Really, you want to go to the Loft? I think it would be fun. Okay. I guess I'm ready. Should we stop at Copley? Yes, let's stop at Copley! Wait, how are we going to get there? Drive. Do you think that will be okay? Yes. Okay.

I go back to my room for that sweater dress or dress sweater or whatever it is, yes I love my space alien couture but Abby, aren’t you going to be cold without a jacket, you should bring a jacket. I don't have one. Are you sure?

Then we’re up in the spaceship on the highway looking directly at the stars so bright like a tunnel and oh I never realized the way they blink so much and when I close my eyes I can feel us flying through the sky yes the sky let’s never come down but wait, maybe I shouldn't close my eyes. Oh, good – there's the exit. Okay. Slower now, don't fly away, like we're gliding through the streets and there’s Star Market.

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